Müşteri ihtiyaç ve beklentilerini en iyi şekilde anlayarak, onlara en doğru kanaldan en uygun çözüm önerilerini sunan, geniş ürün yelpazesini en hızlı ve en etkin şekilde ulaştıran, etik değerlerinin ve sosyal sorumluluğunun bilincinde müşteri memnuniyetini her şeyden üstün tutmaktayız.


The facility is equipped with 3 induction furnaces of 3,5 ton capacity each. Scrap of used from rolling cylinders and steel scraps, with additive metals are constituents of our products.


Our expert team evaluates the orders for rolling cylinders, and determines the type of the rolling cylinders to be casted. Once the metal chemical analysis, hardness and other required properties are finalized, dies are prepared followed by heating the furnaces to required temperature. When the furnace temperature and the other values reach the specified values, casting is executed.


The thermal processing furnace is insulated by means of insulation materials and refractory inside the steel construction body. Automatic electric induction coil system heats the metal inside the furmace. Stresses in the casted products are releived by heat treatments / anealing to reach the required grain structure.


All of the tools and raw materials used in the manufacturing process are carefully selected. The samples obtained from liquefied metal duringthe melting process and replicate samples obtained during casting are analyzed by means of a spectrometer in a lab setting. After a rolling cylinder is casted, the hardness of the cylinder is tested. Dimensional controls (such as diameter, length, tolerance, etc) are checked on the processed rolling cylinders.